Four Small Applications For Solar Energy Around Your Home

Not every homeowner is committed enough to solar energy to install solar panels. But solar panels aren't the only way that you can utilize solar energy. As the solar energy industry has grown, new applications for it have also emerged. Here are a few ways you can implement solar energy around your property without a significant investment.

Solar Pool Heating

Keeping a pool comfortable can be expensive. Solar pool heating ensures that your pool is always nice and warm without having to spend money on energy. You can even get solar pool equipment that heats without any form of electronics; there are overlays that fit over your pool that absorb the sun's light naturally, without any batteries required. Other solar pool heaters are generators that warm the water as needed. 

Solar Lighting

Exterior lighting can be a bit problematic. Not only do you need to run wires from your home and through your yard, but you also need to pay for the energy costs. Solar exterior lighting is wireless and will fill its battery naturally during the day. During the night, it will automatically turn on and illuminate the area with no work from you. Lighting improves the safety of your home by making it easier to navigate and by discouraging potential criminals.

Solar Powered Chargers

Most people today have multiple devices that need to be charged. Laptops, cellphones, vaporizer devices, and more will all need to be charged on a daily basis. Solar powered chargers fit on a window and charge throughout the day. They can then be used to charge most USB devices and other commonly compatible devices. Solar powered chargers are also excellent for use in the office.

Solar Generators

Standalone solar generators can be used to power anything -- from a laptop computer to a television. These solar generators are an excellent addition to an emergency kit, as they can be charged regularly and used when the power goes out. Solar generators can also be used to power outside tools, such as electric lawn mowers. Finally, solar generators can also be taken out camping and in other remote locations.

Naturally, the best way to implement solar energy is through actual solar panels. Solar panels may not be as expensive as you think. Often, they can either be financed or have some level of subsidization through the government. A local solar energy company can give you more information.

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