Subtle Signs Your Need To Have Your Mobile Home's Septic Tank Serviced

If you own a mobile home on private property, and not in a city park, you most likely have a private sewage system. According to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, this means that you should have your tank serviced at least once every three years, or every year, if you use a garbage disposal. If you've recently purchased the property, you may not know the last time that your tank was cleaned or serviced. Here are some subtle signs to look for, to determine if your tank is overflowing or malfunctioning.

Wet Ground Areas Outside Your Home

If you've been noticing areas of your yard that are much greener than others or areas that have puddles of water, it could be a warning sign that your septic tank is malfunctioning near your mobile home. Your septic tank is made up of two large sections, with the bottom half being the tank that holds the waste. If the seam becomes corroded or punctured somehow, waste can leak out past the tank. Another culprit could be the outlet pipe in which water flows through. Noticing a lot of standing water or a greener, moist ground, could be an indicator of a leak that requires immediate attention from a sanitation company.

Backup Of Toilets And Drains

You may not notice any major septic issues at the moment, but if you've been having a lot of backed up or overflowing toilet issues, this could be more than just an isolated clog. Tanks that are full will make it difficult for waste to flush quickly. In some cases, the waste may take more time to flow through the septic drain pipe as the overage seeps through the ground or other areas around the tank. If you have slow drains, call your plumber or sanitation worker right away for a tank evaluation.

Low Water Pressure

Because your water and septic waste exit your home and go through the same drains, a slow draining pipe can also lead to limited water pressure in your home. If the full septic tank is a subtle or infrequent issue, you may not put two and two together and call a plumbing contractor to come and service your well pump. This can be costly, especially if the contractor installs new plumbing parts in your pump, not knowing there is an issue with your septic drain. The worst part is that it doesn't solve the underlying septic tank issue, and until the septic tank is pumped, issues will keep reoccurring.

Foul Smell Inside Or Outside Of Your Home

An odor that seems out of the ordinary, could be indicative of a septic tank problem. A septic tank develops certain gases such as

  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Methane
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrogen oxides

These gases are both toxic and non-toxic, and they can be harmful to your health. They are caused by a combination of decomposing waste, industrial materials and the main components of human sewage. You may notice a foul smell in the air as you walk outside, or the odor may come from your bathroom or kitchen drains. Any type of gaseous or foul odor should be brought to the attention of a qualified septic tank servicing company, to determine the root cause.

If you suspect any type of sewer issue with your country mobile home, call a septic tank company like Zeb Watts Septic & Underground, Inc. to evaluate and service your tank and field system.