Maximize The Sun! Three Installation Approaches To Getting The Most From Your Solar Panels

Solar panel installation is not rocket science; it is energy science. If you want to get the most out of your new solar panels, make sure your installation expert knows how to best install and position them. Here are three installation approaches that will help you get the most efficient use and maximum solar energy collection out of your panels.

Vertically, Back-to-Back and Facing East/West

Think about it. If you install two solar panels of equal size, and you install them back-to-back so that they face east and west, then install them so that they stand upright vertically, the panels are collecting a lot of the sun's rays all day. The only time that you would not be getting quite as much sun is the very brief time that the sun is directly overhead at midday. However, the rest of the time the easterly panel would collect a lot of energy until noon or one in the afternoon (depending on the season) and the westerly panel would take over after lunch collecting solar energy until twilight/sunset.

Following the Sun

These panels are designed to follow the sun, much in the same way flowers follow the sun from early morning to late afternoon. This self-guiding and tracking feature allows the panels to track the path of the sun even on cloudy days so that when the clouds break and move out of the way to let the sun peek through, the panels are able to catch some energy right away. Think of a satellite guidance system as it follows a satellite in space, and you can easily imagine what these solar panels are capable of doing.

Rotating in a Circle

Similar to panels that follow the sun, these panels move very slowly in a circle to catch every precious bit of solar energy. Usually they are moved manually, but if you have the money to spare, you may be able to connect them to a computerized control pad in your home that will allow you to change the panels' position without stepping foot outside. The electrical cables that channel the energy from the outdoor posts to the converter box inside are buried underground so that only the post that supports the panels and the panels themselves is above ground. Leave plenty of room for these panels to move freely, and then you can place them wherever you like (in direct sunlight, of course) on your property.

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