Why You Should Never Dump Your Garbage Without A Dumpster

If you are involved in a project that includes a lot of dumping, you will want to make sure that you are dumping everything properly. Failing to dump your belongings in the right locations will lead to serious environmental and health risks. It can also harm the quality of the neighborhood, cause safety hazards, and cost the city money in cleanup.

The Consequences Of Dumping

Many terrible diseases are attributed to mosquitoes that often live in dumping areas. For example, trash can hold stagnant water, which is a breeding ground of mosquitoes. The materials that are dumped illegally might also be combustible and cause a fire. Another problem could be with chemicals contained within waste products that can contaminate surface water and wells. On top of that, the waste can lead to property values decreasing.

The Legal Penalties

The consequences for dumping illegally can be severe, with some states charging thousands of dollars in fines. Illegal dumping consists of dumping waste on private property that is not permitted to receive waste, allowing others to dump on your land without a proper permit, and dumping waste into sewers or waterways.

Dumping Vs. Littering

Illegal dumping is similar to littering, but the penalties are more severe for illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is at a much larger scale than littering. Also, the type of waste that you dump will affect your fines. While throwing some household waste outside is a form of littering, taking whole bags of garbage and placing them outside is considered illegal dumping. Taking an old refrigerator and leaving it outside would be considered illegal dumping. These are actions that are often carried out without the intention of breaking the law, but those who commit them receive legal penalties either way.

A Misdemeanor Vs. A Felony Charge

You may receive either a misdemeanor or felony charge for illegal dumping. Whether you face one or another depends on whether you are a repeat offender, whether you are a business, and the amount of waste that you illegally dumped.

Avoiding Legal Penalties

One of the easiest ways to avoid violating laws against unlawful dumping is to have your garbage disposed of by a professional waste removal service. These services will make sure that your waste is disposed of properly. If you would rather handle the labor yourself, rent a dumpster if you need to remove a large volume of waste and do not have another efficient way to do so.